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Writer/ Director

I'm a British / Bulgarian woman with an insatiable love of film and deep desire to write and direct it. I'm currently submitting my short film PRINCESS (2024) to film festivals. I've written a feature film set in Bulgaria that I'm looking to fund and I'm also writing a Sci-Fi TV series and female-led Taken-style action film.

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Short Films


Three women in their 20s, try to answer important questions about their futures; Elena realises children aren't part of the life she wants to lead, Malaika struggles to conform to the idyllic image of a Kenyan bride & Chloe has had enough of waiting for life to begin.


A young woman’s mother is in hospital in Ireland and the next plane isn't until the morning. She spends a sleepless night roaming London, using the city as her stress relief.

Job Type: Permanent

Love, presented as a physical character, struggles to help a heartbroken woman accept that she still loves her ex. He starts trying to find someone to replace him.

Mike & Delilah

Mike & Delilah get to know each other, fall in love and move in together. An unexpected pregnancy occurs and Delilah is unsure how best to break the news to Mike.



Tea Break Film Reviews

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Top 10 Films of 2023

My top 10 films from 2023 including controversial thrillers, modern romances and alternative biopics.

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Tenet Explained

The concepts of time inversion, the grandfather paradox & reverse entropy within Tenet explained.

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The Death of Netflix

Predictions about the future of streaming; conglomerates, subscriptions and innovation.

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Satire in The Menu

Analysing how satire is used to explore cancel culture, the restaurant industry, #metoo and more.

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Science VS Cinema

Delving into the science behind the multiverse to judge how plausible the cinematic versions are.

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Food is Character

Analysing how Brad Pitt uses his characters' eating habits to better convey personality.


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