Michelle Karaivanov
Michelle Karaivanov
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Corporate Work
'The Guvnors' - SBTV Exclusive trailer (2014) A feature film released to UK cinemas about two rival gangs in London, one old, one new. 'Von graf' - music video (2014) Brazilian band 'Von Graf' present their song 'RocknRoll'. Filmed at Denmark Street Studios, London.
'Welcome to borlase' - school prospectus video (2015) An introductory video made to showcase Sir William Borlase's Grammar School in Marlow. 'Sera Ulger' at Wasted Chick (2015) Fashion designer, Sera Ulger, is interviewed at the pop-up fashion store, Wasted Chick, as part of the youtube series, M About Town.
'Marc Ford' - music video (2015) American country singer 'Marc Ford' presents his song 'Call Me Faithful'. Filmed at The Borderline, London. 'dr faustus' - theatre trailer (2012) A trailer for the theatre production of Dr Faustus at Sir William Borlase's Grammar School in Marlow.
Blue Wave Swim School (2014) A short promotional video advertising Blue Wave Swim School and its classes for young children. the fashion africa conference (2015) Emeline Nsingi Nkosi presents the event, including interviews, as part of the youtube series, M About Town.
Narrative Work
CHatroom (2014) A short, non-naturalistic, adaptation (based on Hideo Nakata's film) exploring the role of the internet in cyber bullying. LADY MERCY (2015) A short film adaptation of John Keats' poem, 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci'. Follows a sick man's mysterious encounter in the woods.
Yellow vision (2014) A short film adaptation of 'The Shining Heart' and '4.48 Psycosis' directed by Laura Manners. The moon waltz (2015) Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride characters presented as live action characters, directed by Honey Yeo.
Job type permanent: Behind-the-scenes (2015) A short video showing the production process behind the short film, 'Job Type: Permanent'. purple (2015) A short film adaptation of Robert Browning's poem, 'Porphyria's Lover'. A boyfriend ensures his girlfriend is permanently faithful.
did no-one tell you? (2014) A short film about an extra-ordinary parents evening. The daughter of a vampire has bitten her teacher... the eve of st agnes (2013) A modern short film adaptation of the John Keats' poem of the same name. A tale of two young lovers.
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