Michelle Karaivanov
Michelle Karaivanov
Corporate Work
'The Guvnors' - SBTV Exclusive trailer (2014) A feature film released to UK cinemas about two rival gangs in London, one old, one new.
Can you pass the uci pro test? (2017) Cycling Weekly go to the UCI headquarters to take the test that confirms whether they are champion quality or not.
'Welcome to borlase' - school prospectus video (2015) An introductory video made to showcase Sir William Borlase's Grammar School in Marlow.
'Sera Ulger' at Wasted Chick (2015) Fashion designer, Sera Ulger, is interviewed at the pop-up fashion store, Wasted Chick, as part of the youtube series, M About Town. Narrative Work
19984 (2015) A heterosexual romance is set against an over-populated dystopian future where only homosexual partnerships are allowed.
Dear eduardo (2018) A short dark comedy film about a man on the edge ... and a lot of letters!
byrd (2015) Tomos has always found it hard to fit in. One day he meets Kean and everything changes.
choked (2016) A runaway bride contemplates her decision.
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the fashion africa conference (2015) Emeline Nsingi Nkosi presents the event, including interviews, as part of the youtube series, M About Town.
First Look 2018 e-bikes (2017) Mountain Bike Rider travel to the mountains of Italy to see where the e-bike market is heading.
'Marc Ford' - music video (2015) American country singer 'Marc Ford' presents his song 'Call Me Faithful'. Filmed at The Borderline, London.
'dr faustus' - theatre trailer (2012) A trailer for the theatre production of Dr Faustus at Sir William Borlase's Grammar School in Marlow.
Supernoir (2015) A distraught graphic novelist discovers a real life vigilante is using one of his characters’ name.
come to bed (2015) Experimental Documentary - What happens when you put two strangers in a room, on a bed, for an hour?
What emma did (2017) A married woman in desperate search of some excitement ventures on a blind date with a mysterious stranger.
Yellow vision (2014) A short film adaptation of 'The Shining Heart' and '4.48 Psycosis' directed by Laura Manners.
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