Michelle Karaivanov
Michelle Karaivanov
Job Type: Permanent (2015) A short film exploring the role of Love, presented as a physical character, in different people's lives. EMBER (2014) A young woman’s mother is in hospital in Ireland and the next plane isn't until the morning. She spends a sleepless night roaming London,.
CHATROOM (2014) A short, non-naturalistic, adaptation (based on Hideo Nakata's film) exploring the role of the internet in cyber bullying. Mike & Delilah (2016) Two people get to know each other. An unexpected pregnancy occurs.
PURPLE (2015) A short film adaptation of Robert Browning's poem, 'Porphyria's Lover'. A boyfriend ensures his girlfriend is permanently faithful. LADY MERCY (2015) A short film adaptation of John Keats' poem, 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci'. Follows a sick man's mysterious encounter in the woods.
The Eve of St Agnes (2013) A modern short film adaptation of the John Keats' poem of the same name. A tale of two young lovers. Chicco video portrait (2014) A video portrait inspired by Robert Wilson and Pop Art. Chicco, a little dog, disapproves of colour changes...
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