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Michelle Karaivanov
Hi there! My name is Michelle Karaivanov, a multi-cultural, fluffy-haired and film obsessed lady specialising in the arts of Directing and Editing.

As a Director, I am interested in understanding people, fictional and non, and discovering what makes us all act the way we do. I love watching and making films that present thought-provoking stories with beautiful visuals. As an Editor, I am proficient in using the Adobe Suite and also have basic knowledge of Final Cut and Avid. I love the process of unravelling a story from a collection of shots and figuring out how to put forward the Director's message. My experience is with corporate promotional videos and trailers along with short films and music videos for clients including TI Media, Metrodome, SBTV, The Actors Studio (Pinewood Studios), Mobley Street, Grey Area and Denmark Street Studios. P.S. I also like going on adventures, dancing and fabulous coffee.
"That moment when the audience caught their breath - that is the essence of film making." Paul Greengrass, director of the Bourne series, after watching 'The Eve of St Agnes' "Watch out for her. The girl is magic!" Laurel Parker, Mobley Street Productions, about Marc Ford Music Video "You have been the best by bloody miles!" Helen Gormally, The Actors Studio at Pinewood Studios
Contact: mail@michellefilm.com
Director, Editor, Coffee Enthusiast...